Creating A Guidebook Ad

Guidebook Ad Specs:

There are three ad sizes:

1/4 page $49.00 (Vertical Only – the dimensions of the guidebook do not allow for a horizontal 1/4 page ad.)

1/2 page $99.00

1 full page $200.00

Ad Dimensions

Creating An Ad: is the best & simplest platform we have found for creating an ad yourself.  There you can easily define the actual specifications of the ad you purchased:

Canva Screet Shot

-Note the top right hand corner in dark blue, is a box labeled “Use custom dimensions”.   Follow these super-simple directions to create your ad with the proper specs.

When your ad is complete click DOWNLOAD (on the top right side of the Canva screen) and save as PDF – Print.  If you use an alternate platform to Canva, make sure your ad is saved as a PDF with 300 dpi.

Canva PDF-Print Image

Please note we will NOT be accepting JPEG’s anymore because the quality is too low for print!


Submit Completed Ads to:

Heather Robbins-Hinton at

 SATURDAY Market 2018 Guidebook Ad Deadline is:  March 1st

(please note that late ads cannot be accepted and we cannot refund payments)

Advertisement Tips:

Keep in mind, this guidebook allows customers to remember you or even find you long after they leave market and return home.

-If you have an online shop, include your website or other contact information!

-Make sure the business name on your ad matches the name in the Saturday Market records and keep your market records current.  If you don’t have a business name use the member name on record with market.

-Include a ‘Coupon Code’ for online shoppers or a ‘mention this ad’ and receive a discount or a free gift!  Please, NO coupons.  We don’t want customers cutting up the guidebook for coupons.

-Include your booth number (reserve vendors).  If you are a nomadic vendor, mention that the information booth will know where you are on Saturdays.

-Consider adding a QR Code (Quick Response Code).  In case this is new information for anyone, here’s a link to get a free QR Code:  Attached above is Rege Shaw’s Just Lavendar Business QR code You can scan it with your smart phone to see how it works. The code scanner is specific to the type of cell phone and service you use. Open the App Store on your phone, search for “QR Code Scanner” and download it on your smart phone. The app uses your phone’s camera to scan the QR code and then takes you directly to the URL embedded within the code.

QR Code

-Need inspiration?  Check out the 2016 Holiday Market Guidebook and 2017 Saturday Market Guidebook and Holiday Market 2017 Guidebook at their ‘flipbook’ sites.

-Keep your ad simple, in-line with your brand and memorable!

-Before submitting look at your completed ad at 100% to be certain the font is legible.  Try to use fonts that are easy to read. Some of the fonts used are actually not. Because it looks cool doesn’t mean it will be easily read.  Make sure the resolution at 100% is 300 dpi or higher.  Lower than that, and the ad loses clarity.  Have a friend look it over for a second opinion.

Please feel free to contact Heather Robbins-Hinton or any of the other Street Team Volunteers if you have any questions.


Do You Need Help?

If you want to participate in this project, but are unsure about the technical side of creating an effective and artistic ad, you can contact:

Dahna Solar Design & Illustration

30 East Broadway, Suite 122

Eugene, OR 97401

(541) 513-5010

She charges $60 – $100 to create an ad.

Dune Erickson Hyatt of De Art and Design (market member)

Dune’s ads include Playing with Glass (pg 20) & Letterpress (pg 26)

SM Booth #159

Rege Shaw of Just Lavendar (market member)

Rege’s ads include Just Lavendar (pg 24)

Rudolf Korv

He charges members $35 to create an ad.  Married to Jaccalyn Korv.  His current ads in the 2017 SM GB include:  Honeystone (pg 11), Celestial Tides (pg 19), & A Simple Sparrow (pg 23)


Current Street Team Members:

Kelly Durian, Melissa Garcia-Parry, Nome May, Sarah O’Grady, Jaccalyn Korv, Adia Korv and Heather Robbins-Hinton

The Street Team is made up of volunteer ‘members promoting members’