2017 Saturday Market Guidebook Information


If you are a market member and would like to advertise in the new 2017 Saturday Market Guidebook the following information will help you get started.  The guidebook will be released by the 2nd week in June 2017, just in time for our tourist season.


Please print the Form (link below) and submit it to the Saturday Market office by 15 April 2017.  Saturday Market mailing address is:

30 E. Broadway #124, Eugene, OR 97401

2017 Saturday Market Guidebook Advertising Form

Submit Completed Ads to:

Heather Robbins-Hinton at earnestefforts@msn.com



Keep in mind, this guidebook allows customers to remember you or even find you long after they leave market and return home.

-If you have an online shop, include your website or other contact information!

-Make sure the business name on your ad matches the name in the Saturday Market records and keep your market records current.  If you don’t have a business name use the member name on record with market.

-Include a ‘Coupon Code’ for online shoppers or a ‘mention this ad’ and receive a discount or a free gift!  Please, NO coupons.  We don’t want customers cutting up the guidebook for coupons.

-Include your booth number (reserve vendors).  If you are a nomadic vendor, mention that the information booth will know where you are on Saturdays.

-Consider adding a QR Code (Quick Response Code).  In case this is new information for anyone, here’s a link to get a free QR Code: http://www.qr-code-generator.com/ Attached above is Rege Shaw’s Just Lavendar Business QR code You can scan it with your smart phone to see how it works. The code scanner is specific to the type of cell phone and service you use. Open the App Store on your phone, search for “QR Code Scanner” and download it on your smart phone. The app uses your phone’s camera to scan the QR code and then takes you directly to the URL embedded within the code. Click the following link to get a visual idea of what we’re talking about:  QRCodeJustLavendar.png

-Need inspiration?  Check out the 2016 Holiday Market Guidebook.  It is also available online if you didn’t keep a copy to refer to.

-Keep your ad simple, in-line with your brand and memorable!


For details on creating your own ad please visit our earlier blog post at:


and scroll down to the title:  What Will The Guidebook Look Like? beneath the 2016 Ad Form.

A super easy to use platform is Canva

You can also see the 2016 Holiday Market Guidebook online at:


Current Street Team Members– Kelly Durian, Cortney Fellet, Melissa Garcia-Parry, Nome May, Sarah O’Grady, or Heather Robbins-Hinton

If you want to participate in this project, but are unsure about the technical side of creating an effective and artistic ad, you can contact

Dahna Solar Design & Illustration

30 East Broadway, Suite 122

Eugene, OR 97401

(541) 513-5010


She charges $60 – $100 to create an ad.

Dune Erickson Hyatt of De Art and Design (market member)


SM Booth #159 (fountain side)

Rege Shaw of Just Lavendar (market member)


(541) 954-2047

SM Booth #177 (fountain side)


Holiday Market Guidebook for 2016


New Advertising Opportunity for Holiday Market

2016 Holiday Market Guidebook

This Holiday Market you can introduce yourself to new customers with an advertisement in our first edition Holiday Market Guidebook.  This guidebook is being modeled after the very successful Portland Saturday Market’s Souvenir Booklet.  Our first edition will be filled with 28 pages of Holiday Market information including the map, history, shopping list page, and your beautiful advertisements.  This collectable guidebook will be available online as a Flipbook, in print at Holiday Market and distributed throughout the community – free to everyone.  The guidebook will be 8 ½” tall by 5 ½” wide in full-color.  The following are the advertisement prices (they do not include ad creation).

Quarter Page Ad = $49

Half Page Ad = $99

Premium Full Page Ad = $200

The deadline for reserving your advertising space is August 1st with payment in full.

Complete the following form and submit with your payment to Saturday Market.

Please mark your market payment envelope where it says OTHER with: HM GUIDEBOOK AD

The deadline for payment is August 1stSpace is very limited.  Payment must be submitted with this form to reserve an ad space.  The deadline for submitting the completed ad is August 25th


Business Name: ____________________________________________

Contact Person: ____________________________________________

Contact Day Phone: _________________________________________

Contact Email: _____________________________________________

Circle the advertisement size you are paying for:  Payment is due, in full, on August 1st, to reserve your ad space

Quarter Page                          Half Page                    Premium Full Page

$49.00                                  $99.00                                $200.00

Will you be creating your own advertisement?  Yes ___ No ___

Will you be hiring the graphic artist to create your ad? Yes ___ No___

Submitting this form without payment does not reserve an ad space


What Will The Guidebook Look Like?

The Street Team was inspired by the Portland Saturday Market’s wonderful Souvenir Booklets.  Our guidebook design will be inspired by our very own unique Holiday market experience, but you can see where our inspiration derived from by  visiting the Portland Saturday Market Souvenir Booklet Page.

There you can click on all the pages in their three different editions to imagine the layout of your own beautiful advertisement and the kinds of information we will be sharing with our customers about Holiday Market.   Heather Robbins-Hinton will also have a copy of the 2015 PSM Souvenir Booklet to view in her booth #150 on the West Park Block.

What Are The Ad Specs?

You will need a high resolution JPEG at 300 dpi or PDF with the following specs.

HM Souvenir Booklet Ad Specs

Do You Need Help?
If you want to participate in this project, but are unsure about the technical side of creating an effective and artistic ad, you can contact

Dahna Solar Design & Illustration

30 East Broadway, Suite 122

Eugene, OR 97401

(541) 513-5010


She charges $60 – $100 to create an ad.

Dune Erickson Hyatt of De Art and Design (market member)


SM Booth #159

Rege Shaw of Just Lavendar (market member)




You can develop your own basic ad using the image editing program GIMP.  GIMP, the GNU image manipulation program is free to download and is open source software, meaning that over the years the users have written the code of the program, continually update it and provide it for free for everyone to use.  GIMP is an image manipulation program akin to Photoshop or Indesign.  It is fairly simple to use and we have provided you with step by step instructions.  Download GIMP for free following their instructions.

After Downloading GIMP

Now you are ready to begin.  You will need some photos and/or imagery from your business

Things to consider when creating your ad:

* The guidebook is printed in color on recycled matte paper so in order to translate well,
good photos to use are bright and crisp images.  If your image is
dark to begin with, it will tend to be darker in print.

* A product shot or lifestyle shot of one item can
be very effective for a small ad.  Too much photographic content can quickly
clutter an ad, especially when text is added.

* Think of this guidebook as a keepsake that a customer will show off
as a token of their wonderful visit to the Holiday Market.  It is a great place
to advertise your website if you have one, and to provide contact information that will
make it easy to make contact at and away from the market.

Conceptualize Your Ad

It is very helpful if you have already visualized and roughly sketched out what you want your ad to look like, where you want the text to go and what relevant information about your business you want to communicate.

Let’s get started…

Step 1:   Create a File With the Right Specs.

Open GIMP and select
-New– set the height & width dimensions in inches to the appropriate size of your ad
Click +advanced options and set the resolution at 300 pixels/in
Click -OK- to create the new file
* Helpful Tip- push Ctrl+L to show a ‘layers dialog’ – this will make it easier to navigate your ad as you create it*


Step 2:   Choose Photos & Placement.

Click  -File-
-Open as Layers- and choose a photo or image to begin with
Next Click  -Layer-
-Scale Layer- This will allow you to change the size of the image you chose

To Move Image
Click    -Tools-
-Transform Tools-
*This process can be repeated for as many images and photos as seems appropriate for your ad*

** Note** If you want to start with a solid background of a different color go to

-Paint Tools-
-Bucket Fill-and choose color


Step 3:    Add Text.

*Save your file*

To Add Text
Click  -Tools-
-Text- Click and drag a text box.  Use the ‘text editor’ box to input and format text

*It is easiest to create a new text box for each line of text in your ad, and this process too can be repeated as many times as seems appropriate for your ad*

Once you have finished your ad is nearly created, all that is left is to finalize your file


Finalize Your Ad:   Merge Layers & Export to .jpg

*Save your file*
Click  -Image-
-Merge Visible Layers-
Click  -Merge-

Final Step  -File-
-Export To-  make the file extension at the end of your file .jpg (your ad.jpg)

Email your completed ad to Heather Robbins-Hinton at earnestefforts@msn.com

Congratulations You’re Finished!!!

Do You Have Questions?

For answers to your questions visit Heather Robbins-Hinton, of Earnest Efforts, in Booth #150 on the West Park Block or at earnestefforts@msn.com or call Heather at 1 (541) 679-4331

Our Gratitude!

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to Reid Decker and the folks of the Portland Saturday Market for their generosity in sharing how they developed their Souvenir Booklet and for allowing us the use of a lot of information from their website!

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